Best Websites to Learn to Code Online Free

Nowadays Learning how to code is no longer needs you to be a professional or a geek engineer. By learning how to code you can even set up your own startup, a career in web or app development. In this Quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have learned some programming languages and code through online resources. So, in this article, I am sharing the best websites where you can get free courses in programming languages and learn code online for free.

Best Websites to Learn Code online For Free


Udemy offers over 100,000 both paid and free courses in many categories. The categories offers are Development, Business, IT & Software, Office Productivity, Personal Development, Design, Photography, Marketing, and Health & Fitness. You can pick popular programming languages as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Swift, and others. Udemy also offers web designing courses with tools as Photoshop and AdobeXD. Free certification has videos, and quizzes also a certification of completion. Most of the courses on Udemy are paid but some of the free courses have great modules with certification.


Codecademy is popular among beginners, to learn coding and programming for free. The courses are well instructed. The website offers plenty of languages to learn which helps you to master web development. You only have to Sign Up and pick a programming language to learn. The languages offers are PHP, Swift, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Python, and more. Also, it offers a subject catalog which includes data science, Game Development, Design, Partnership, and Web Development. With learning, you can also build your side project in the Codecademy Code playground.


Udacity is also the most popular website to learn to program. Courses on Udacity is instructed by industry experts from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others. Udacity catalog offers featured programs from Industry experts, Udacity Schools, and also courses that you can only find on Udacity. It also offerss some free course study materials, but most of the courses are paid. With Udacity you can learn GitHub, Mobile Apps Development, Full Stack Development, and learn to develop your own app and websites.

4. Coursera

Its a fantastic websites if you want to learn Universities courses from across the globe. It offers guided projects with degree of certification. Each course has a week assignment through out the course. Coursera offers professional certification from Google, Microsoft, AWS and other Industry . Most of the Courses are from Universities as Stanford University, Yale University, The Museum of Art and others. Free courses offered are related to Data Science, Excel, Marketing, Programming and other.

5.Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a completely free online platform to learn coding and other subjects. The websites offer three sections as Learners, Teachers, and Parents. The main contents offered for computer programming are HTML, CSS, JavaScript for beginners and advanced, and SQL. The learning involves coding practice with quizzes and suggestions to guide you.


MDN is a web doc that provides documentation of languages in detail. The website’s content is managed by Mozilla developers You can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Graphics, and Browser Extensions from basic to advance. All the resources are free, websites also provide learning tutorials as Learn Web Development, Game Development with MDN Certification. You can exclusively learn about the Mozilla Firefox development resources.

7.Dash General Assembly

Dash offers programming language HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for free. It helps you to understand the fundamental of programming languages for free. With every step of module completion, you have to complete a quiz and you will unlock new skills for you. The website offers code playground and stepwise tutorial to develop a project. All the contents are completely free and help you to learn code.


FreeCodeCamp is the most widely offers a completely free resource to learn to program especially web development. If you have the interest to learn Full-Stack development then this has the most amazing resource for that. Not only this but you can also learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Git, React, JQuery, JAVA, and others with tutorials. You can also prepare for coding interviews with learning to code competitive programming. FreeCodeCamp offers free certification in Responsive Web Design, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures, Data Visualization, and more.


edX offers free courses from Harvard University, MIT, Berkeley, and other Universities. The main courses offered by edX are computer science subjects cs50 courses. If you want to learn Azure, Blockchain, Full Stack Development, HTML, and other popular languages. The websites offer Data Science, Business Management, Languages, Engineering, and Humanities. All you have to do is to Sign Up to edX and start to learn to code.

9. CodeWars

CodeWars offers a fun and creative way for learning programming languages and code. As a students you will be able to learn code with different languages like Kotlin, C, PHP, TypeScript, Rust and others. Firstly you have to prove yourself by selecting prefered programming language and run first programme and upgrade your skills. Learn coding involves fun and creative way with challenges. For each program students can test programs test cases on web browser and check their progress.


GitHub is used by developers all around the world. It offers an open-source repository, you can host and review your code on GitHub. On GitHub, you can find over 500 ebooks of 80 programming languages. All the resources are updated with the latest addition and changes.


If you have ever search to Learn HTML, CSS, or any other language then you sure go to W3Schools. This is the most recommend and preferred for beginners having a keen interest to learn to program. The website offer tutorial from basic to advanced on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Bootstrap, and many others. You only have to pay for the certification else all the resources are unlocked and free for everyone.


Javatpoint from engineering courses to programming language tutorials. The websites have a complete free tutorial of Blockchain, ML, Artificial Intelligence, Kubernetes, HTML, JAVA, React Js, Angular Js, and DevOps. Javatpoint also has a preparation kit that includes reasoning, Aptitude, Verbal reasoning, and Interview.

If you are completely new to programming and want to learn code, Codecademy, MDN, Udemy Free Courses, FreeCodeCamp are the best to start. Also, Javatpoint and W3School are the best websites to start off. The above websites are best to learn code online. If you have any favorite online learning platform, let us know in the comment section.