Android 10 Based Realme UI teased before release in India

A few days ago, realme announced the New Realme UI interface. The new interface is based on Android 10 and also inspired by ColorOS 7. It will be launched with the Realme X50 5G. Realme has released a video on youtube, teasing the Android 10 based Realme UI before release. New UI will feature customizable screen, rounded icons, and redesigned notification bar.

The Realme UI also comes with 11 custom wallpapers. These wallpapers designed by Realme and are also animated. There is a smart sidebar also which uses the shortcuts for users.

Android 10 based Realme UI
RoadMap of Realme UI

The UI now supports the Dark Mode option and screen off display. Phone screen will be on while charging. In order to secure the user information, UI comes with Smart security enabled. If an application wants to access the contact information, it will be provided with an empty folder.

Realme Devices That will get the Realme UI in 2020

  1. Realme X2 Pro (Mar 2020)
  2. Realme X2 (March 2020)
  3. Realme 3 Pro (Jan 2020)
  4. Realme 5 Pro (Feb 2020)
  5. Realme X (Feb 2020)
  6. Realme XT (Jan 2020)
  7. Realme 3 (Apr 2020)
  8. Realme 5S (May 2020)
  9. Realme 5 (May 2020)
  10. Realme 5i (May 2020)
  11. Realme 3i (Apr 2020)
  12. Realme 2 Pro (June 2020)
  13. Realme C2 (Q3 2020)

The Android 10 based Realme UI has also a Focus mode, helps the user to play background music. Realme says it will be fast, smooth and loaded with many features. The rollout of Realme UI starts in January 2020. We are expecting the upcoming Realme smartphones to run on Realme UI. We will keep you updated when the official rollout will be started for your smartphone.

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