Google password checkup and cross protection

Google New Password Checkup & Cross Account feature

Google always cares about you no matter whether you are using Google apps or any other websites or platforms from your favorites...

Whatsapp Touch Id Update for iPhone Users

Whatsapp new feature on iPhones: Authentication/Privacy The most waited and anticipated feature of Whatsapp has been rolled out with ios beta update of V 2.19.20...

WhatsApp Upcoming Features: Picture in Picture Mode, Media preview

WhatsApp Upcoming Features in 2019 WhatsApp as the most used messaging app in the world. Whatsapp has upcoming features like Picture in Picture mode, Group video...
Facebook redesigned messenger app

Facebook redesigned messenger app : Messenger Update

Facebook redesigned messenger app The Facebook update is rolling out for messenger app.In last may ,in Facebook F8 Developer Conference,Facebook announces its redesigned messenger app.The...
Delete the third party weather apps

Delete the Third Party weather apps from Phone : Apps World

Delete the Third Party Weather and fitness app from your phone If you are concern about your location data privacy, then you must delete the...

Fake Android Apps on Play store: Play Store Apps

Android App with over 50,000 downloads in Google Play store found fake claimed by Quick Heal.  In global IT security firm Quick Heal technologies researchers...

Search giant GOOGLE has no plans to launch a search engine in China

Search giant GOOGLE has no plans to launch search engine in China The CEO of GOOGLE Sundar Pichai said to lawmakers ,that GOOGLE has not having...
where is my train app

‘ Where is my Train app ‘Acquires by Google : Technology

'Where is my Train App 'Acquires by Google.   Google the search giant acquires a Banglore startup by Sigmoid labs. Yes 'Where is my Train app '...
g site kit wordpress

Make Your Website #1 Ranked On Google Search : #1 SEO

SEO: HOW TO MAKE YOUR WEBSITE ON TOP OF GOOGLE LIST Well, it's not quite simple but also not difficult. Google provides us many tools...

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