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realme 48MP quad-camera

Realme teases 64MP quad-camera in upcoming flagship on 8th August

Realme recent smartphone is realme3 pro, having a great feature and 48MP triple camera. Realme teases 64MP quad-camera in upcoming flagship on...
Whatsapp with disappearing messages

Whatsapp new UWP is expected to rolled out.

According to the report Whatsapp is working on a UWP(Universal windows platform ). In this latest release you will be able to log in to...
google photos android new feature

Crop photos Automatically: Google photos

Automatically Crop of photos and documents in Google photos. In daily life, we often have to crop images. You may feel it's time killing and painful...
NavIC in Xiaomi Phones QualComm Chipset

India's NavIC In Xiaomi Phones Qualcomm Chipset

Smartphones using the latest Qualcomm Chipset will be now using NavIC. NavIC is India's own Navigation system as US GPS System. ISRO...
Galaxy S20 plus leaked online

Galaxy S20 Plus first look leaked online in Images

Galaxy S20 plus leaked online before launch. The leaked image of Galaxy S20 Plus shows a Quad camera setup. This setup rumored...
Instagram user data leaks by social captain

Instagram Details leaked -Check If You Are Safe

Thousands of Instagram Login credentials of users leaked online. These are stored in a database of a media boosting service called Social...
Delete the third party weather apps

Delete the Third Party weather apps from Phone : Apps World

Delete the Third Party Weather and fitness app from your phone If you are concern about your location data privacy, then you must delete the...