DuckDuckGo beats Bing as alternative to Google in EU

The Tech Gaint Google is giving choices as the default search engine in Europe. In 2018 Google was fined $5 Billion for pre-installing the Android apps on devices. Following the antitrust ruling from the Europen Union, Google introduces “Choice Screen” for users.DuckDuckGo is announced, an alternative search engine it will show to the users of the EU from March 1. The Search engines were able to buy the advertisement space. Opening Chrome whichever provider they choose will become a default search engine.

In each EU Country, the search engine shows to users will vary. The order of the search engine is based on the pay auction. A provider that will give the highest bid for every time selected as a default.

duckduckgo alternate search engine
Image Courtsey:Google

Users setting up their device for the first time will get the “Choice Screen”.The Choice Screen has the option to choose the search engines as default. Due to the privacy policy of the DuckDuckGo, there are no counts of users using it. The Microsoft Search Engine Bing lost out to the Choice Screen in many EU countries. DuckDuckGo, which concerns about online privacy is top from Bing. The is also a part of the auction and listed in many EU countries as a choice. Only UK users have the option set Bing as a default Search engine.

Ecosia, a search engine that claims to plant trees from their profits, boycotted the auction. The CEO of Ecosia, says that Google’s actions violate “the spirit of EU ruling”. The Company also wants to raise a complaint against Google’s monopoly with European Union legislators.