Google Adds Local Language in Search and Apps in India

Today, Google hosted an online event on youtube; Google L10n Event. In this event, the tech giant introduces the new localize features in its app and services for Indian users. The main focused feature of services is the addition of local languages.

Google says the language should not be a barrier, so by adding local language to apps and services it will reach wider users. The feature will be added to the search, assistant and GMaps, Lens, and more.

Local Language Search Results

Now, the Google search results page will also give you the option to switch between English, the default language, and four local languages other than Hindi. The supported local languages are Tamil, Telugu, Bangla, and Marathi.

Google Search results pages will start showing you results in the local language depending on your region with English.

Google Lens in Hindi

Google lens gets Homework mode this year, with this homework student can easily find the methods to solve the calculations and problems. The company is adding Hindi language in Homework mode and in app to make students tasks more easier to solve problems.

Google Maps in 9 New Indian Local Languages

Google Maps is especially used by cab drivers, travelers in India. It is used in all the regions from rural to urban. The company today announces, in the GMap will soon get 9 Local languages options.

These local languages will helps people to easily use the features of the app. To switch the language in the app, Go to Settings -> App Language and select the language of your choice.

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