Google Assistant by Google is used by over 500 million users every month. It has a feature like calling and texting on your behalf. Also, Google Duplex allows having natural conversations for real tasks. There is a new upcoming feature for the Google Assistant App announce by Google in CES 2020. This feature allows the app to read out the articles on the web in 42 different languages.

Google Assistant App

The Video posted on Android Youtube Channel, shows how to invoke the feature? Users have to launch the Google Assistant for the webpage they want to her out and ask it to “Read it”. The new speaking language of the Google Assistant App is natural sounding and expressive voices. The upcoming features also include the text highlighting and auto-scroll of web pages.

Read out feature will be available on Android v5 and above. Google says the feature will be rolled out later this year. The language is not specified yet. Only some of the languages are mentioned on Google’s Blog as English, Hindi, German, and Spanish. This Google Assistant App feature is currently in preview.

Myopinion on this feature are quite good. Thinking about the people who cant see or read, they will also understand about the webpages content. When it will be rolled out we will update you.