Google Sends Buyer Worth $5000 of Pixel Units

Google Pixel

The Tech Gaint Google has again made a mistake on the logistics end. Accidently, the Google Store sends one user 10 units of Pixel 4. The user post this to reddit and request Google to take it back.

User timias55 ordered an Unlocked Black Pixel 4 64GB phone online on sale. This order cost him $499+tax. After two days, one delivery user gets a total number of four-pixel units.

The user informed the Google customer service about the mishap. Then, the customer service requests proof of the claim from the user and tracking slip. The user sends the picture of 9 phone cases arranged in a box. The company asks the user to wait for 3 working days for the shipment. Hillarious is Google sends a tracking bill of only 8 units and later send for the ninth one.

This seems to wining a small lottery, and a never expected oppurtunity for customer. This opens up about the Google’s customer service gaps. So, now imagine if you were in this situation, what you will you do? tell us in comments below.