Google Stadia Pro is Offering Free Two-Month Trial For Everyone

Google announces Stadia Pro last year in March with a list of supported games and specs. Stadia allows you to play games without installing the games files, patches and setup files. In order to increase Stadia’s audience, Google is offering a free trial for Two-Month of Stadia Pro for everyone.

To sign up with Stadia all you need is a Gmail address. This trial giveaway is amidst Global COVID-19 pandemic to users. Stadia is currently available only in 14 countries with free access trial. The free trial to Google Stadia Pro gives instant access to nine games as;

  • GRID
  • Destiny 2:The Collection
  • Gylt
  • SteamWorld Dig 2
  • SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech
  • Serious Sam Collection
  • Spitlings
  • Stacks on Stacks
  • Thumper

The 14 Countries where Stadia Pro available are:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • German
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Spain

You can also purchase more games once you sign up for Stadia. The default screen resolution is from 4K to 1080p. Once you opted for the free trial you will only charged after the trial ends. Stadia Pro cost $9.99 a month, you can opt for the pro after trial.

Stadia supports a range of resolutions with vary in network speed. If you are a premium member of Stadia Pro then you will not be charged for the next two months. The default resolution in the free trial duration is set to 1080p.

You have to download Chrome and for TV you need Chromecast; For android devices, you will have to download the Stadia app. There is Stadia Pro dedicated website for sign up. A controller likes Keyboard and mouse are to be supported. Here is the link of controller or mouse and keyboard for Stadia Pro.

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