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Google Launched CoronaVirus Website with Enhanced results

Coronavirus disease COVID-19 is now an outbreak situation and affecting globally. In India only there are 271 cases, the Indian Government is taking actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. One Week ago US President Donald Trump in a press conference claimed that Google is working on the Coronavirus website, which would direct people to test symptoms. Google denies the statement by the president and says it offers to few people.

For Coronavirus, the Google has done a lot of SERP changes to show the focused results to users. The search results for query “Coronavirus” shows the enhanced search results with cards snippets. Search results shows the number of cases, the symptoms and do’s dont’s.

Whatsapp Chatbot by Indian Govt Coronavirus

WHO Launch WhatsApp Chatbots to provide Coronavirus Information for Indian Users. You can add “+919013151515” to your WhatsApp Contact and ask query. Add now

The Coronavirus website Google.com/COVID-19 have some useful resources as Health Information, Safety & Precautions tips, Data and Insights, Resources to help, and Support and relief. The website also has cards that show the enhanced results of Symptoms, prevention, and treatments. Currently, the website is only available for the US region.

You can also find some videos which give you tips about “How to manage COVID-19 at home”, “What older adults need to Know” and more. The website also has chips from top searches from country and trends. Educators can also access some of the links to have free resources from Google. The Google Coronavirus website also has the section to support global relief efforts, you can be the part of COVID-19 Solidarity Response fund.



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