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How to enable dark mode in Chrome Android

Are you using Dark mode in Chrome Android? If not here’s how to enable it in easy steps.

We spend a lot of time staring at our smartphones. The bright light coming from the Phone disrupts our eyes and cause pain. In the last few years, most of the apps are coming with the dark mode option. Dark mode in the android phone helps in less consumption of the battery. Google LLC applications also come with switch dark mode option. But talking about switching to dark mode in Chrome Android is not as easy as switching between light and dark options. In this post, I will also cover how to enable night mode on web content in chrome.

Dark Mode in Chrome Android

Time needed: 2 minutes.

You must have heard about the Chrome flags or URLs. Yes, we are using that to force night mode in Chrome Android. Follow the below steps to enable.

  1. Go to Chrome

    Open Google Chrome in your PhoneChrome dark mode

  2. Open Chrome Url

    In the Omnibox of Chrome type chrome://chrome-urls/open chrome urls

  3. Open Chrome flags

    From the list of opened Chrome URLs click on chrome://flagsopen chrome flags

  4. Search for Dark Mode

    In the flag search box Search for “Dark modesearch for dark mode

  5. Change settings

    Change settings of the “Force dark mode for Web Contents” and “Android Chrome UI Dark Mode” from Default to Enabled and restart the chrome.change settings

  6. Go to Settings

    After restarting the chrome, you will find a theme option in settings. Click on it and choose the dark mode.choose dark mode

Many of the apps come with system-wise default mode. The Force dark mode for web content enables dark mode to every webpage you open to be in dark mode. The UI of these apps behaves as your system UI mode. They automatically switch to light and dark mode following your Phone settings. Apps like Pinterest, Gmail, Google Maps, Spotify and others come with options in settings to switch to dark mode. After switching to dark mode in Chrome Android, if you want to undo the changes. Change the Option in Theme from the Chrome settings.

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