Google password checkup and cross protection

Google always cares about you no matter whether you are using Google apps or any other websites or platforms from your favorites section. Google announces a new password checkup and Cross Account Protection feature. This feature will help you to generate a secure password for login.

Google introduces some tools named as Privacy Checkup a Chrome Extension and other feature as cross control protection. Privacy Checkup helps your account from third-party data breaches.

Google protects your data from breached to third-party apps and websites. In case if your data gets breached to the third party Google automatically reset your password and gives you an alert
to verify if it’s you. This feature reduces the risk of your data getting breached by a factor of ten.

Google check your credentials among 4 billion credentials if your
credentials match this extension triggers you to change your password.

you can set up this extension with 4 steps in chrome:

  1. Install the password checkup extension on chrome.
  2. Go to more tools -> Extension.
  3. Click on load unpacked select the file to add.
  4. Get alerted when unauthorized.

This is the first version of Password Checkup extension, more features will be added in the coming months.


If the attacker finds a way to your account then this helps you to come back to safety. When apps implemented it, google also sends them alert regarding your privacy so, they can also protect your data from hijacking. This feature is unfortunately not for the apps you sign in with Google sign in.

There are some security events as :

  • Send the information that unauthorize event has happened.
  • Sends basic info related to your account as for where your account gets hijacked & about the suspicious activity.
  • Information is only sent to the apps where you have a sign in into with Google sign in.

This is the default for the developers using Google Cloud Identity for customers & partners.  So, they can easily work for the user’s privacy. The Google new password checkup and cross-protection also keep you secure at cloud login. When you log in to any cloud-based application as Adobe or other.

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