Search giant GOOGLE has no plans to launch search engine in China

 The CEO of GOOGLE Sundar Pichai said to lawmakers ,that GOOGLE has not having a plan to launch Search Engine in China .
Pichai told members of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that “We have no plans to launch in China. We don’t have a search product there. Our core mission is to provide users access to information and getting access to information is an important human right,”.as he dodged a series of questions from lawmakers who expressed concern over such a reported move by the internet giant.

Responding to a question from Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee  Pichai said, “We are always compelled across the world to try hard to provide that information and but right now there are no plans to launch search in China. I’m committed to being fully transparent including with policymakers to the extent we ever develop plans to do that,”

In 2010 GOOGLE left the Chinese market due to hacking attacks and Censorship.
 Pichai said“Right now, there are no plans for us to launch a search product in China. We are in general always looking to see how best it’s part of our core mission and our principle is to try hard to provide users with information. We always have evidence based on every country we operate in us reaching out and giving users to more information has a very positive impact and we feel that calling,”

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