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Png files may contain Malware and used for Hacking

Png files can harm your System. Google recently reported in the bulletin, how malicious png file can crack your system.

Png file can harm your system

These malicious png images are actually containing a code that runs on your system with all privileges after clicking on it.

Png file can be sent over chats, E-mails and in other files.

Yet Google has not announced about these flaws. This is a major Android flaw, this hints about a new security patch may be rolled out on Android devices.
This is not the first time when the png files tagged as harmful for the system.

Malliciouscideccan easily smuggles by Png files over chats, E-mails, and in other files.

What to do if you get malware in your system.
What I recommend to install some malware remover in your system.
As CCleaner, Malware Remover, Antispyware, etc.

Download CCleaner. Malware RemoverĀ 

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