Technology: Speed Up Your PC

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” Improve your computer performance by these easy steps “

Sometimes we get stuck in our PC while changing tabs of another program it gets hangs up.
The cause of the problem may be a hardware or a Software.

Technology: Speed Up Your PC
speed up your computer

Most times the reason is Low storage spaces or Low RAM (Random Acess Memory).
while running software or any program on your Computer, firstly it loads to your RAM that’s how the system works.

There are some steps that work to speed up your PC

  1. Clean up your system temp files

Click Windows+R and type  %temp%  press Enter. It will display all the temporary files of your system. Select all and delete, it will free up space on the system.

      2.Disk Cleanup

Go to my computer, Select the disk you want to clean, Right-click and click on properties and

click on disk cleanup. It will not remove any important files.
      3. Close all the background processes
           go to task manager from the control panel and select the unwanted background processes, click on end task.
The reason might be that your system affected by malware or trojan viruses,
You can download CCLEANER or any other to clean junk off your system.The above steps will surely helps to spped up your PC.


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