Whatsapp Touch Id Update for iPhone Users

Whatsapp new feature on iPhones: Authentication/Privacy

The most waited and anticipated feature of Whatsapp has been rolled out with ios beta update of V 2.19.20 for iPhone users.
These Whatsapp features allow the users to protect their chats privately by face id and biometric Fingerprint lock. This update features the WhatsApp touch-id update for iPhone users.

Whatsapp touch id for iphone users
Whatsapp adds touch id /Face id

To use this feature the user must have opted to the beta version of Whatsapp.

When it comes to the supported models of iPhones for this Whatsapp feature are iPhone 5s, iPhone 6plus, iPhone 6,iPhone 6s,iPhone Se, iPhone 7, iPhone 7plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8plus, iPhone Xs
,iPhone X, iPhone Xs Max. On the other hand, iPhone 9 and others will either get face id or touch id.

Steps to use this feature in iPhones:

  1. Ensure you have Whatsapp installed on your iPhone.
  2. Go to settings on the phone.
  3. In settings, choose privacy to set up your Face id/Touch id.

While setup the privacy option in Whatsapp, the iPhone users have the option to set the Touch-id.
The user has to choose the time-lapse for the lock feature, as the user switches to another app on the device. If the device is locked by the power button then in the case to use WhatsApp again the user has to authorize by Whatsapp Touch id.


  1. When it comes to the supported models of iphones for this Whatsapp feature are iphone 5s, iphone 6plus, iphone 6 ,iphone 6s,iphone Se, iphone 7, iphone 7plus, iphone 8, iphone 8plus, iphone Xs 1z0-981 dumps

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