Jio Wi-Fi Calling All you need to Know

Well, there is the internet but sometimes Network Coverage is not good. Many people don’t get a decent strength of network at home. So, here is the solution Wi-Fi Calling. Network Providers as Airtel and Jio are offering Wi-Fi Calling service for their users.

What is Wi-fi Calling?

Wi-Fi Calling allows user to seamlessely use Wi-Fi Connection to make or receive calls. If you are at a place where you have a poor srength of newtork, you can switch to Wi-Fi Calling.

The Wi-Fi Calling works seamlessly with a good strength of Wi-Fi Connection. The icon in the notification bar of your phone will show a small phone receiver with a Wi-Fi icon over it. The quality of the call depends on your Wi-F- network strength.

Jio Wi-Fi Calling

How to Check if Your Phone is Compatible for Wi-Fi Calling and Enable it?

Visit this link and scroll for section which ask “Brand” and “Model”. Select the required option, you will get information about how to enable Wi-Fi Calling on your Phone.

You can test whether Wi-Fi calling is working on your phone or not. Make sure your Mobile data is turned off, connect to any Wi-fi network. The Icon should appears in the notification bar of the phone. Jio is the first celluar network to offer Wi-Fi Calling. Wi-Fi does not incur any charges. If you are going to opt any service please read their terms and conditions carefully.

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