India’s NavIC In Xiaomi Phones Qualcomm Chipset

Smartphones using the latest Qualcomm Chipset will be now using NavIC. NavIC is India’s own Navigation system as US GPS System. ISRO and Xiaomi have earlier discussions over the Chipset in Smartphone. NavIC will be used in Qualcomm Chipset, Qualcomm has earlier announced it and Xiaomi has agreed to it.

NavIC will also cover the extended 1,500Km from India’s border. India’s own Navigation System only uses seven satellites unlike others using 24. However, other GPS covers the whole earth while NavIC covers only India with an accuracy of 20m. NavIC satellites are in geosynchronous orbits and are vertically positioned which makes them always visible to a receiver.

The IRNSS by ISRO will provide basically two types of services Standard Positioning Service (SPS) and Restricted Service (RS) to authorized users. The NavIC will help peoples to drive and navigate easily with all the primary beneficiaries.

NavIC in Qualcomm Chipset

Qualcomm Chipsets also supports widely used GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System) which includes USA’s GPS (global positioning system), European Union’s Galileo, Russia’s GLONASS, and China’s BeiDou Navigation Satellite System for global coverage.

Xiaomi’s new Smartphones with NavIC in Qualcomm Chipset are only designed for Indian Users. The Smartphone in the series of Redmi and POCO as POCO F2 may also have inbuilt India’s own Navigation System NavIC.

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