(Updated)Instagram is testing Feed section in Mobile App

Instagram is testing feed section in app

Instagram has over 500 million users on the app. Last month Instagram is testing one-page stories for users on the app. Now, I have spotted a feed section on Instagram mobile version in inspect mode.

The feed section is in a user’s profile, there is nothing visible after clicking it. After clicking the URL keeps on reloading with a blank screen. In the user profile there is already IGTV button, Save, tagged, and posts.

To see the feed section, Login to Instagram and navigate to profile. Switch to inspect mode in browser and refresh the page.

Facebook keeps on updating Instagram to compete with others. After Tiktok banned in India, Instgram has added Reels to the App.

[Update: 14 August 2020] The testing is of a feed section, on click the icon now loads the users feed. In app we have already a section where we can see all the post in a grid view. To see the likes and comments we have to click on post from the grid. The new feed section shows all the posts of ours.

Instagram Feed section