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Google India rolls out “Add me to Search” feature to create People cards

Google People search card

Google has rolled out search card submission for Indian users. The search card is known as a people cards, the card is visible to users searching your name on Google.

This feature lets users create their self virtual visitung card on the Google Search Engine. The people card contains the information about the Work, Education, socila profiles and other contact information. There is also an about section which lets you add about self that goes publicly on card.

How to create Google People search card

The feature is launched for India only and will later expand to other regions. During adding the information you will be redirected to YourProfile/aboutme section of your google account.

The Google search card feature is for influencers, bloggers, and for those who want to be available on public search. Right now, the feature is only available on the mobile version of the search engine.

How to create Google Search Card

By creating Google search card your profile will be visible to every users search for your name.

  1. Sign in to Google Accounts on Mobile

    Sign in to your Google accounts using Chrome or any browser.

  2. Click to Google Search

    Type “add me to Search” or search your name on Google.

  3. Click on Get started

    On the top search result, click on Get started. You can also see the example of people search card.

  4. Fill out the details

    In prompt “Create your public card” fill out all the details like Name, Location, About, Occupation, education, and others.

  5. Preview and Save

    After completing the details click on preview and save.

After saving the details, People card will be public and made discoverable after few hours. You can also edit the details in future if you want. I have tried this feature using Inspect mode on desktop. Currently, my search card is visible only to my contacts on search engine.



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