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Here’s How to Enable Dark mode on WhatsApp Web

Whatsapp dark mode

WhatsApp on Android and iOS has gets dark mode this year. Now, there is a rumored about upcoming dark mode on WhatsApp web. Wabetainfo has shared an trick, that uses chrome extension to enable dark mode on WhatsApp web. The company is working on bringing dark mode and is still in development.

The new way to enable dark mode on WhatsApp web is shared by a tipster to the Wabetainfo community. So, you can follow the below steps to enable dark mode.

Enable dark mode in WhatsApp Web

  1. Open WhatsApp Web

    Go to web.whatsapp.com and scan the QR Code to login to your whatsApp account.WhatsApp web dark theme

  2. Enter Chrome Developer Tools

    Right Click anywhere on the screen and select the ‘Inspect Element’ or use ‘Ctrl+Shift+i’ command to enter inspect mode in the browser.WhatsApp Web

  3. Replace Body Element

    In elements, you will see or you can find using ‘Ctrl+f’ in browser.
    Double click on “web” and replace it by “web dark” and hit enter
    WhatsApp web

After pressing enter, you will have the dark mode of WhatsApp web. The dark theme is same as on the android, the dark and gray combination.

This is not permanent as it’s not official a fetaure yet. Whenever you will refresh the tab, you have to repeat the above process. Now, if you want a permanent dark mode you can use this trick to enable it.


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