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Indian ATMs are Testing Touchless Cash Withdrawls using Smartphones

We are in pandemic and preparing us for lockdowns and quarantines. Wearing the mask is a must and so to stay at home and contactless. The ‘Make in India’ or say ‘Digital India’ initiative by the Indian government helps a lot. Most payments are digital these days but cash is needed for some payments. Banks are coming with the idea to make touchless withdrawals in ATMs using smartphones.

AGS Transact Technologies Limited is testing the way with interested banks. Technology is on demo right now at some places. Implementation of this feature in ATMs does not need replacement of ATMs Machine. This only needs a software update to enable touchless withdrawals.

The user authentication starts from a user smartphone application. The user has to open Bank Apk and scan the QR Code to authenticate. Once authentication, enter the withdrawal amount and confirm the amount. Enter ATM PIN no. to make a touchless cash withdrawal in ATMs.

The CEO Ravi Goyal of AGSTTL said, “Our new Touchless ATM solution is an extension of the flagship QR Cash solution which ensures the safety of the users and will provide a seamless cash withdrawal experience with enhanced security”.


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