WhatsApp from Facebook has to deal with data compliance issues. The Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg already hints about the new WhatsApp Update , WhatsApp payment service launch in India. The reports hint about a new that WhatsApp Pay has got approval from National Payments Corporation of India(NPCI) and to be launch soon.

The WhatsApp pay will be initially available to 10 million users in India during the first phase. WhatsApp has assured NPCI to better deal the data norms. In India WhatsApp has 400 million users, makes it one of the largest messaging service.

Mark Zuckerberg said “We got approval to test this with one million people in India back in 2018. And when so many of the people kept using it week after week, we knew it was going to be big when we get to launch”, during a company’s call. If WhatsApp pay has rolled out in India for all users it will become mostly used payment app.

WhatsApp Pay in India to be launched soon
WhatsApp Pay

Last Year Google Pay has 240 million-plus UPI transactions in the month and PayTm has 200 million. WhatsApp Pay will change the payment app shares in the Indian market. The instant messaging, WhatsApp is extending its services in the next six months as Company states earlier. We will notify you when WhatsApp pay will be rolled out. Subscribe to our Newsletter and let us know if you switch to a new payment method.