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Technology: Speed Up Your PC

” Improve your computer performance by these easy steps “

Sometimes we get stuck in our PC while changing tabs of another program it gets hangs up.
The cause of the problem may be a hardware or a Software.

Technology: Speed Up Your PC
speed up your computer

Most times the reason is Low storage spaces or Low RAM (Random Acess Memory).
while running software or any program on your Computer, firstly it loads to your RAM that’s how the system works.

There are some steps that work to speed up your PC

  1. Clean up your system temp files

Click Windows+R and type  %temp%  press Enter. It will display all the temporary files of your system. Select all and delete, it will free up space on the system.

      2.Disk Cleanup

Go to my computer, Select the disk you want to clean, Right-click and click on properties and

click on disk cleanup. It will not remove any important files.
      3. Close all the background processes
           go to task manager from the control panel and select the unwanted background processes, click on end task.
The reason might be that your system affected by malware or trojan viruses,
You can download CCLEANER or any other to clean junk off your system.The above steps will surely helps to spped up your PC.
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Png files may contain Malware and used for Hacking

Png files can harm your System. Google recently reported in the bulletin, how malicious png file can crack your system.

Png file can harm your system

These malicious png images are actually containing a code that runs on your system with all privileges after clicking on it.

Png file can be sent over chats, E-mails and in other files.

Yet Google has not announced about these flaws. This is a major Android flaw, this hints about a new security patch may be rolled out on Android devices.
This is not the first time when the png files tagged as harmful for the system.

Malliciouscideccan easily smuggles by Png files over chats, E-mails, and in other files.

What to do if you get malware in your system.
What I recommend to install some malware remover in your system.
As CCleaner, Malware Remover, Antispyware, etc.

Download CCleaner. Malware Remover 

Google News

Google New Password Checkup & Cross Account feature

Google always cares about you no matter whether you are using Google apps or any other websites or platforms from your favorites section. Google announces a new password checkup and Cross Account Protection feature. This feature will help you to generate a secure password for login.

Google introduces some tools named as Privacy Checkup a Chrome Extension and other feature as cross control protection. Privacy Checkup helps your account from third-party data breaches.

Google protects your data from breached to third-party apps and websites. In case if your data gets breached to the third party Google automatically reset your password and gives you an alert
to verify if it’s you. This feature reduces the risk of your data getting breached by a factor of ten.

Google check your credentials among 4 billion credentials if your
credentials match this extension triggers you to change your password.

you can set up this extension with 4 steps in chrome:

  1. Install the password checkup extension on chrome.
  2. Go to more tools -> Extension.
  3. Click on load unpacked select the file to add.
  4. Get alerted when unauthorized.

This is the first version of Password Checkup extension, more features will be added in the coming months.


If the attacker finds a way to your account then this helps you to come back to safety. When apps implemented it, google also sends them alert regarding your privacy so, they can also protect your data from hijacking. This feature is unfortunately not for the apps you sign in with Google sign in.

There are some security events as :

  • Send the information that unauthorize event has happened.
  • Sends basic info related to your account as for where your account gets hijacked & about the suspicious activity.
  • Information is only sent to the apps where you have a sign in into with Google sign in.

This is the default for the developers using Google Cloud Identity for customers & partners.  So, they can easily work for the user’s privacy. The Google new password checkup and cross-protection also keep you secure at cloud login. When you log in to any cloud-based application as Adobe or other.

Android News

Whatsapp Touch Id Update for iPhone Users

Whatsapp new feature on iPhones: Authentication/Privacy

The most waited and anticipated feature of Whatsapp has been rolled out with ios beta update of V 2.19.20 for iPhone users.
These Whatsapp features allow the users to protect their chats privately by face id and biometric Fingerprint lock. This update features the WhatsApp touch-id update for iPhone users.

Whatsapp touch id for iphone users
Whatsapp adds touch id /Face id

To use this feature the user must have opted to the beta version of Whatsapp.

When it comes to the supported models of iPhones for this Whatsapp feature are iPhone 5s, iPhone 6plus, iPhone 6,iPhone 6s,iPhone Se, iPhone 7, iPhone 7plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8plus, iPhone Xs
,iPhone X, iPhone Xs Max. On the other hand, iPhone 9 and others will either get face id or touch id.

Steps to use this feature in iPhones:

  1. Ensure you have Whatsapp installed on your iPhone.
  2. Go to settings on the phone.
  3. In settings, choose privacy to set up your Face id/Touch id.

While setup the privacy option in Whatsapp, the iPhone users have the option to set the Touch-id.
The user has to choose the time-lapse for the lock feature, as the user switches to another app on the device. If the device is locked by the power button then in the case to use WhatsApp again the user has to authorize by Whatsapp Touch id.

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WhatsApp Upcoming Features: Picture in Picture Mode, Media preview

WhatsApp Upcoming Features in 2019

WhatsApp as the most used messaging app in the world. Whatsapp has upcoming features like Picture in Picture mode, Group video calling, voice calling and more.
WhatsApp has  1.3 billion daily users. Whatsapp has such amazing features and an easy user interface to communicate Person to Person.
Facebook limits the no. of users forward ability maximum to five. It’s rolling out all over the users in WhatsApp update.

navtechy : whatsapp upcoming features
WhatsApp Users Data

In 2019, WhatsApp may come with some features like Dark mode, 3d touch stickers, consecutive voice messages, media preview and many more.

In terms of Privacy WhatsApp may introduce Fingerprint lock for the user to secure the messages from the unauthorized.

WhatsApp Upcoming Feature:

Dark mode

navtechy : whatsapp upcoming features
Whatsapp Upcoming Updates

The dark mode is popular after introduced by Youtube and Facebook in streaming videos. According to the report of Google, the dark mode consumes less battery as compared to the light mode. The dark mode in WhatsApp help the users to use in the night with low light, it does not hamper the eyes of users, it also reduces the battery consumption.

 Fingerprint lock

The privacy is always at the top for the organization to its users.WhatsApp always takes this consideration since it introduced the end to end privacy to the WhatsApp chat. Fingerprint lock takes user privacy to the next level.

 Consecutive voice messages

This feature helps the user in listing all the consecutive voice messages or audio files sent by the contacts.
On click, all the consecutive audio files will play one after the 
The feature also allows the users to easily send the audio messages (preview) to contacts.
 Media preview

Media Preview is the best feature I must say. Media preview helps to preview the video messages before download, it also previews the links without redirecting it to the browser.

These all the above-listed features are WhatsApp’s upcoming features.

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Facebook redesigned messenger app : Messenger Update

Facebook redesigned messenger app

The Facebook update is rolling out for messenger app.

In last may ,in Facebook F8 Developer Conference,Facebook announces its redesigned messenger app.

The redesigned messenger app is finally rolling out on Apple Store and Google Play Store .It is verified that it is available on both the platforms,but it may takes some time for the latest update to available for everyone.
On yesterday the update is released the new update is all about the  interface ,dark mode and put the user messages front and center once again.
According to report,the redesigned messenger app now  carries three bottom tabs as Conversations,Discover and People.The Discover tabs now carries the Game and additional features .
The Camera button moves to the right of the chat button.
facebook redesigned messenger post by Navtechy
Features listed as :

The Dark mode is most anticipated.Till now it has not been confirmed, how to activate it is still unknown.This update said we might not have to wait long to try it.

It should be available within a few days after being done from the server-side.
Android News

Delete the Third Party weather apps from Phone : Apps World

Delete the Third Party Weather and fitness app from your phone


If you are concern about your location data privacy, then you must delete the Third Party apps from your phone, which uses your location.
Some Weather apps and Fitness apps are using user location data to sell advertisements.
You should be not permitted the apps to access your location data. To revoke access to this in Android :
Go to ‘Apps installed ‘ ->Choose the apps ->
change the location access to ‘never ‘.
You can use  Weather channel without giving them information about your location data .
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Fake Android Apps on Play store: Play Store Apps

Android App with over 50,000 downloads in Google Play store found fake claimed by Quick Heal.

Fake app on playstore by
In global IT security firm Quick Heal technologies researchers discovered certain fake apps in Google Play store over 50,000 downloads .
The apps tricks the users to rate the other sponsored apps.
An Android malware analyst Rupali Parate
at Quick technologies wrote in a blog on friday “These applications appears to be genuine as pdf scanner,pdf reader but they don’t have the same functionality“.
These apps basically increase the downloads count on the sponsored apps by prompting user to download the app and rate to 5 star .
The user is able to use the unlock version of application after installing and rating the sponsored apps,But after 24 hours it sticks in loop and again asking for the same.
Parate said “But after 24 hours same loop starts .It asks user to login with some credentials and ask them to download the same application and rate it on Play store.
In blog Parate mentions “Users should be careful while downloading such fake applications from play store ,Users can easily recognize them by going through the reviews “.
Quick heal reported these applications to Google.

Top Christmas theme stickers for WhatsApp: Apk on Google Play Store

Top Christmas theme stickers for WhatsApp: Apk on Google Play Store

Here are some of the best top Christmas theme stickers app from Google play store
Last month WhatsApp introduced the most awaited sticker feature.
According to Google report “How to send stickers on WhatsApp” is the most searched question on Google that month.
The best feature of these stickers are you can personalize them, and create stickers with your photos.
whatsapp stickers

Here are some best Christmas stickers from WhatsApp :

Christmas Stickers For Whatsapp – WAStickerApps :

This app works on the beta version only.
Developed by Rvsquare
Rating  4.6
It provides very unique stickers, it also has in-app advertisements.
Christmas Sticker for WhatsApp :
Developed by Phoenix Solution
Rating 4.2
It provides Christmas stickers along with New Year and Other Festivals stickers
It also has some stickers with shadow effects.
WAStickerApps – Christmas Sticker For WhatsApp :
Developed by Marchosapps
Rating 4.8
This sticker pack is created to make it easy for people to send greetings Christmas.

Search giant GOOGLE has no plans to launch a search engine in China

Search giant GOOGLE has no plans to launch search engine in China

 The CEO of GOOGLE Sundar Pichai said to lawmakers ,that GOOGLE has not having a plan to launch Search Engine in China .
Pichai told members of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that “We have no plans to launch in China. We don’t have a search product there. Our core mission is to provide users access to information and getting access to information is an important human right,”.as he dodged a series of questions from lawmakers who expressed concern over such a reported move by the internet giant.

Responding to a question from Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee  Pichai said, “We are always compelled across the world to try hard to provide that information and but right now there are no plans to launch search in China. I’m committed to being fully transparent including with policymakers to the extent we ever develop plans to do that,”

In 2010 GOOGLE left the Chinese market due to hacking attacks and Censorship.
 Pichai said“Right now, there are no plans for us to launch a search product in China. We are in general always looking to see how best it’s part of our core mission and our principle is to try hard to provide users with information. We always have evidence based on every country we operate in us reaching out and giving users to more information has a very positive impact and we feel that calling,”

‘ Where is my Train app ‘Acquires by Google : Technology

Where is my Train App ‘Acquires by Google.

Google the search giant acquires a Banglore startup by Sigmoid labs.
Yes ‘Where is my Train app ‘ which gives competition to the Railyatri app .


Where is my Train app works offline having an option to spot the train via Gps and cellular network.
It also has the option to spot the train and check live stations.,the Rail routes.
There is no disclosed of the deal since by Google. The app has 15,000 ratings on apple store and 10 million downloads on the Google play store.
Google keeps investing in India’s startup and initiatives.
In the past, the Sigmoid labs wrote about companies joining Google.
The app can be accessed in different local languages.

The app has been founded by the former objectives of US-based technology-entertainment Company TiVo Corporation – Ahmed Nizam, Mohaideen, Meenakshi Sundaram, Sashikumar Venkataraman,Balasubramaniam Rajendran.   “We can think of no better place to help us achieve our mission, and we’re excited to join Google to help bring technology and information into more people’s hands,” the founders said.  


Make Your Website #1 Ranked On Google Search : #1 SEO


Well, it’s not quite simple but also not difficult. Google provides us many tools that can be used to optimize our website.
The SEO Search Engine Optimization of the website is very important in order to optimize the site to get listed on top of the search results.
The traffic on the website can be analyzed by Google Analytics. What we have to do is to only add our site property to the webmaster tools.

some tools that are provided by Google are:

Google Analytics

This tool helps you to analyze the traffic and reports of your website.This page gives you the data of real active users, organic traffic, referral traffic and many more.You can also generate the monthly and weekly reports of your website data.

steps to add your site property to google analytics.

2:create or sign in into your analytics account
3:click admin
4:select on creating new property
5:Enter the website or app name or website name.

Google Webmaster

 Google Search Console is a free facility offered by google to you to maintain your website presence in Google search results.

2:Sign up  or sign in to google search console
3:select add website,enter the URL of your website and verify by adding the snippet code to your website.

Google Trends

GOOGLE TRENDS offers to see what is trending in Google search results we can see the trending topics around the world and we can also install it to our website to optimize.

1:Go to Google Trends

2:Sign up to google tag manager and select the trending search results in the region at a particular time.

3:Get the code and paste it in your website pages you want to use tags.

Google Tag Manager

Google tags manager makes it easy to add the tags to our website including site analytics.

2:Sign up or sign in to google tags manager.
3:Get the snippet code and add it to your website.
you can also try the Google SEO optimize Tool to optimize your website.