E-mail Hunter and MailTracker Chrome Extension: Track any E-mails

Do you know this chrome extension will help you in finding the addresses behind the websites.
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In daily life, we often communicate through e-mails. It may be official or unofficial for some work or to share some files. We send and receive over 212 billion e-mails daily. There are many Chrome extensions that are free to use. After using a much different E-mail hunter and MailTracker chrome extension. I found the best chrome extensions by Hunter.

E-mail Hunter Chrome Extension
E-mail Hunter
What is the use of Hunter?

Hunter is used to finding the e-mail addresses from the websites you are browsing. These are available as Chrome Extension or software. For example Hunter Chrome Extension by

What is MailTracker?

MailTracker tracks the activity of e-mail recipients as opening and device used. It gives you information about whether sent mail is being read or not. Other information as the location is not tracked.
For example Mail Tracker extension by

The Extension by Hunter is free to use, you required to signup to get 50 searches per month. You can get the pro version of E-mail Hunter also by upgrading your account. To use the extensions you have to first add it to the Chrome or Mozilla browsers.

Hunter Chrome Extension Download

  • Go to Chrome Web Store or Google Search
  • Search for E-mail Hunter
  • Click to add it to download
  • Once downloaded click on it to set up.

The Hunter and MailTracker Chrome Extension by Hunter can also be downloaded from the official page. If you find this useful please let us know in the comment section.

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