WhatsApp Upcoming Features: Picture in Picture Mode, Media preview

WhatsApp Upcoming Features in 2019

WhatsApp as the most used messaging app in the world. Whatsapp has upcoming features like Picture in Picture mode, Group video calling, voice calling and more.
WhatsApp has  1.3 billion daily users. Whatsapp has such amazing features and an easy user interface to communicate Person to Person.
Facebook limits the no. of users forward ability maximum to five. It’s rolling out all over the users in WhatsApp update.

navtechy : whatsapp upcoming features
WhatsApp Users Data

In 2019, WhatsApp may come with some features like Dark mode, 3d touch stickers, consecutive voice messages, media preview and many more.

In terms of Privacy WhatsApp may introduce Fingerprint lock for the user to secure the messages from the unauthorized.

WhatsApp Upcoming Feature:

Dark mode

navtechy : whatsapp upcoming features
Whatsapp Upcoming Updates

The dark mode is popular after introduced by Youtube and Facebook in streaming videos. According to the report of Google, the dark mode consumes less battery as compared to the light mode. The dark mode in WhatsApp help the users to use in the night with low light, it does not hamper the eyes of users, it also reduces the battery consumption.

 Fingerprint lock

The privacy is always at the top for the organization to its users.WhatsApp always takes this consideration since it introduced the end to end privacy to the WhatsApp chat. Fingerprint lock takes user privacy to the next level.

 Consecutive voice messages

This feature helps the user in listing all the consecutive voice messages or audio files sent by the contacts.
On click, all the consecutive audio files will play one after the 
The feature also allows the users to easily send the audio messages (preview) to contacts.
 Media preview

Media Preview is the best feature I must say. Media preview helps to preview the video messages before download, it also previews the links without redirecting it to the browser.

These all the above-listed features are WhatsApp’s upcoming features.

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