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How to install and Customize Windows latest Terminal

How to install and Customize Windows latest Terminal : We often make use of command-line in order to complete the different task on windows. The Windows command prompt lets user work with command-line input and output.

But, if we have to run Linux or Unix commands we can’t do this on Windows. The new Terminal is Fast, powerful, efficient and modern in design with various customization options.

Windows 10 Latest Terminal

You can switch over the tabs, it has Unicode and UTF-8 character support makes it even better than the command prompt, You can also use custom themes, styles and configurations in Terminal.

Well, the release is a preview, you may some issues while using it.

Time needed: 1 minute.

Steps to install Windows latest Terminal on Windows

  1. Open Microsoft Store

    On your Windows Device open the Microsoft Store

  2. Click on Search

    Search for Windows Terminal and click on the Windows Terminal from the Search Result.

  3. Click on Get and Install

    After clicking for install a prompt will appear to choose the device (choose your device)

  4. Open Windows Terminal

    Search or click windows+R and type Windows Terminal click Enter

Minimum Windows 10 Version required is 18362.0 Or higher to install this product in order to install you have to update your system to above version.

Different Command-line Offer by Windows Terminal

  • Command-prompt Ctrl+Shift+1
  • Powershell Ctrl+Shift+2
  • Powershell 6 Ctrl+Shift+3
  • Ubuntu (WSL 2) Ctrl+Shift+4
  • Debian Ctrl+Shift+5
  • OpenSuse Ctrl+Shift+6

How to Customize Windows Terminal

You can change the text color or change the background of the console. Make sure, Json file is associated with your Windows default app. If not, create a new JSON File by Right-click and new Text file, then rename the file test.txt to test.json.

Windows Terminal

Now set open with test.json file with your preferred text editor (Notepad + +, Notepad or VS Code). Now let’s make some changes to Windows Terminal Click on the down arrow adjacent to the Plus Sign on the Top Bar of Terminal then click on “Settings” . A JSON file will get launched in the editor this is the file you have set up earlier.

Windows Terminal Customization

From this JSON file you can change the default color scheme, the background and many more.

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