10 Best Emulators for Windows to Run Android Apps Online

In running Android Apps on Phone, we have to always worry about battery life. To run any Android Apps on PC Online, we need PC emulators. Mostly we are having problems with Games Apps. Using Keyboard and mouse for Gaming is the perfect isn’t?In fact, there are a number of Emulators and Software you can find on Google. If you search Google, you can find many Android emulators. Here are the 10 best emulators for Windows to run any android apps on PC Online.

10 Best emulators for windows to run Any android apps online

What is Emulator?

According to Wikipedia ” In computing, an emulator is a hardware or software that enables one computer system to behave like another computer system. An emulator typically enables the host system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system. The Emulator runs as a Virtual host on PC. Enables us to run any Android Apps on PC Online.

Best Emulator to run any Android Apps On PC

The 10 best Windows emulators among all the Emulators is the one that is easy to set up and has a good Interface. Not all the tricks are legal, in some cases, they are illegal so you can try VPN Services. Also, Emulators used for productivity in the development of Apps by Developers. Below is the list of 10 Best Android Emulators to run any Android Apps On PC Online with a short description and Download Link.

10 Best Android Emulators to run any Android Apps On PC

  1. Android Studio’s Emulator

    Price: Free
    Android studio is the development studio offered by Android. It has a bunch of tools for the development and testing of apps. Despite using as emulator it needs some setup which can be difficult for regular people. If you know some Coding stuff, its best fo you.
    Download Android Studio

  2. ARChon

    Price: Free
    ARChon setup requires a lot of efforts, the best part is it can be run on any OS which runs an instance of Chrome. You have to install a chrome extension( Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux e.t.c) and then use the compatible version of App. You can find all the detailed instructions from below GitHub link.
    Download From Github

  3. Bliss

    Price: Free
    Bliss is totally different from the above emulators. Also, It works as a Virtual Machine for PC via Andriod Emulator. This Emulator runs Android Oreo. So, you are tech-savvy I would recommend this to you.
    Download Bliss From Xda-Developers

  4. BlueStacks

    Price: Free/$2 per month
    Bluestacks is mostly used by the Gamers and among all the Android Emulators. The reasons are to use BlueStacks are several, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac.
    The latest version Bluestacks 4 is aimed to fix the mixed results. It runs the Android 7.1.2(Nougat) launched in 2018, it is one of the recent of any emulator. The speed of BlueStacks is also better than any other Emulator.
    Download BlueStacks v 4.0

  5. Droid4X

    Price: Free
    Droid4x is a classical Android Emulator for PC with a simple design. The work on Droid4x is too easy. The last version update of Droid4x was launched in 2016. So, I recommend use with caution it may be buggy and unstable for your latest OS.
    Download Droid4X for Windows

  6. Genymotion

    Price: Free (with paid options)
    Genymotion is Freemium Emulator with availability on Cloud and your Desktop Computer. Mostly used by developers to test the Apps by switching between the virtual devices.
    Download Genymotion

  7. KoPlayer

    Price: Free
    KoPlayer is mostly used by Gamers to run Mobile Games on PC. Also, has a feature to record the stream and upload it wherever you want. The setup is too easy for regular peoples. It’s not a bad option for free cost. It also offers productivity features and seems to okay.
    Download KoPlayer

  8. MEmu

    Price: Free
    MEmu is another emulator used by the user lineup of BlueStacks and similar ones. It offers Android Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop. It’s the latest version is MEmu 6.25. In fact, It only works on the Windows Platform. You can run multiple instances at once for your Games Apps. The most recent update of MEmu is in December 2018. According to a report from its blog, it’s still in development.
    Download MEmu

  9. Nox

    Price: Free
    Nox is a free emulator, best for gaming. It offers usual features as Keyboard-mapping with the controller support. It is actively in development phase. The setup requires very little time and easy to use.
    Download Nox

  10. PrimeOS

    Price: Free
    PrimeOS is not a fully Android Emulator. It requires partition in your PC to run and boots up running native Android. Also, it will give you an Andriod experience on your PC. You can also use it for productivity as the development of Apps. It is a newly launched Emulator from an Indian start-up. You can do multitask as you do on your Android Device.
    Download PrimeOS

Best Android Emulators For Windows (2020)

Among the 10 best Android Emulators used by Gamers and Developers. What I recommend is PrimeOS. PrimeOS is Android Home for Desktops as a Standard user perspective and as Gamer Perspective. It installs on Hard Drive and boots up running native Android. If you are an android developer and have to test the Android app, then I recommend to use Android Studio. We will update the article whenever we find an update to it.

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