Social Media Down ! Facebook and Instagram Down And Bounce Back but Elon Musk…

Facebook, Instagram, and Threads users experienced an outage for about an hour, causing issues with logging in to their headsets. Meta Quest users also experienced issues. Elon Musk’s X was flooded with posts from affected users, and he mocked his competitor.

Elon Musk Enjoy And Mock Meta

Some YouTube users reported an error in the app, but a simple click on the “Retry” button seemed to resolve the issue. Facebook, Instagram, and Threads were the first apps to restore operations, followed by Meta Quest. Meta Communications Team responded to the users’ complaints, sharing that they are working on a fix. Elon Musk also mocked his competitor, tweeting that X servers were working fine. Meta acknowledged the issue and acknowledged that they are working on a fix. The Meta Communications Team is now working on resolving the issue.

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