Apple iOS 17.4 new features : blow Your Mind

The iOS 17.4 release candidate has been recently made available by Apple to public beta testers and developers. Further, the next update is also expected to bring in some new features among which include more stolen device protection options and detailed battery health statistics.

However, there are no details about when the stable version will be released; here are some of the most useful features that will be available in iPhone’s next update.

black samsung galaxy smartphone on white surface

More than One Hundred Emojis

In the first beta of iOS 17.4, Apple included more than a hundred emojis. Among them were an emoji of a phoenix, a slice of lime, head bobbling or shaking from side to side while talking and many others. It should be remembered that these emojis were introduced last year and can already be found on some Android devices.

space gray iPhone X near green succulent

Digital Clock Widget

Apple iOS 17.4 Beta 2 introduces digital clock app widget. One such new widget is “City Digital” that shows time along with a fixed location anywhere in the world it may be at any given time. Most helpful when you travel far away from home and want to know what time it is in your own land.

space gray iphone 6 beside apple earpods

battery health

Battery Health option under settings app is accessible through iOS 17.4 on iPhone series 15 only as it provides details about your phone’s battery life.. By tapping on status information after tapping on Charging section, one can view batteries usage history like how many times it has been charged and its maximum capacity for charging as well as keeping track of all this data thereby making an improvement compared to earlier versions.

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