Android 11 Features You Should Know About

Android 11 is finally rolled out after several developer previews. The Android 11 features are very interactive and give more privacy to the users. The updates are rolling out for Pixel Phones as well as non-pixel ones. Android 11 will be rolled out by OTA update to OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme Phones. The update is already been pushed to Pixel 4 XL. Here, some of the best features and improvements of Android 11.

Manage Conversations

Android 11 brings a major change in the way to reply to conversations from notifications. You will get all your chat notifications categorized in one place. You can select people and reply to them. You can also set the priority of chat notifications shown up on the lock screen.

Android 11 is now giving priority to notifications and keeps it above from other apps in the notification bar.

This feature of Android 11 is surely loved by you if you receive tons of notifications and find your important chats buried in the depth of row.

Chat Bubbles

Conversations in Android 11 are becoming easy with better controls like priority in notifications shade. Chat Bubbles are like fb messenger chat bubbles you can move the bubbles on your screen. The bubbles are flotable and always appear on the tof the apps and screens.

The feature lets you access anywhere anytime on your device screen. The app developers need to add this feature to support this feature on Android devices.

Easy Share

Sharing of content is now more easy, not only the text but now you can also share the images. With Android 11 feature you can copy and share the image between apps by selecting it.

The feature works same as sharing the text in devices by copy it.

Built-in Screen Recording

To record any activity on your phone screen needs a installation of third-party apps. These third-party apps are generally buggy or less secure to data.

Now, its easy to record and capture phone screen with built-in screen recording feature in Android 11. You can record audio from your device mic or earphone as well as video without any third-party app.

Android 11 features

  1. Conversations: Android 11 now putting important chats on top of others in the notifications shade.
  2. Chat Bubbles: You can have chat bubbles on-screen the same as Fb messenger heads, floating on-screen.
  3. Easy share: you can now copy images as text and share it with many apps.
  4. Built-in screen Recording: Better User Interface for screen recording with the built-in feature.
  5. Smart Reply: Suggestions from the G keyboard are more intelligent now giving perfect emoji and text.
  6. App Suggestions: The apps you use the most throughout the day, will find them at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Smart Folders: Android 11 gives you more intellectual suggestions to folder names on your Pixel devices.
  8. Voice Access: You can now control your pixel devices using your voice, the feature works offline.
  9. New Power Button: Device Control using Android is easier now. Android 11 gives you a single spot from where you can control linked smart devices.
  10. Better Media Controls: The media Controls feature lets you switch between your headphones and TV set quickly.
  11. Location Access: With more controls to location data, you can set one-time permissions, also reset time for permissions settings.
  12. System update without reboot: Device security updates and updates will be delivered from Google Play Store. The update will no required any reboot of the device.

Smart Reply, App Suggestions, and Smart folders

Smart Reply: Through out the chatting Google predictive keyboard gives us auto suggestions of words. Now its becomes more intelleactual it will gives smart suggestions with emoji to make conversation easier.

App Suggestions: Most used apps throug out the day will be auto suggested by OS on the bottom of screen. This feature lets you quickly access your favourite apps from the screen.

Smart Folders: This is a unique feature, and I think it will help you in a better way. While Saving a folder, now you will get auto smart suggestions for your folder’s name.

Media and Device Controls

Android 11 brings rich media controls and device controls linked to your android phone. The new media control lets you easily switch between your headphones and other audio devices. With new controls in media you can quickly select the prefred audio output device from the notifications shade.

Device Control is easier, the new OS brings a single spot to control all the devices. All you have to do is to click on the power button, and it will show all the linked devices.

Control over Location sharing

Android 11 brings more privacy for users, allowing users to limit location data sharing. It will give you the option to choose when location data is to be accessed by an app. You can set the permissions ‘Only this time’, ‘While using the app’, or ‘Deny’. The permission will allow apps to access to gather location data only when you use the app.

There is one more interesting feature of Android 11 respect to location data sharing. ‘Permission reset for the app’ will reset the permissions of the app which are not been used for the long. You can set the permissions once you open the app.

How to Download Android 11

Android 11 features are best and useful also Android 11 has many improvements from earlier versions. Only a few Android devices will be getting a new version update. The Android 11 will be rolled put to Pixel devices. if you have, check system update and download the Android 11 now.To check if you can get the update or not (only Pixel or an Andorid one Phone) check the settings>About Phone> System update. It should automatically start downloading the latest Andorid 11. If you have non-pixel devices you can check your company website to get notify about when your device is getting update.

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