Android 11 First Developer Preview Features

Android 11 developer preview is here, Future of the mobile phones led towards the 5G and foldable displays. This is the first developer preview of Android 11 out of three. The main focus of Android 11 is to keep the priority on user privacy. Android 11 has added a ton of new features to the apps for foldable phones, 5G devices, and camera enhancements.

Device Supports Android 11

Android 10 was released an early half a year ago, Then rumors and Google released the first developer preview of Android 11. The device supported by Android 11 is Pixels Phones.

Supported devices: Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL

Android 11 release date is no confirmed, it’s in the developer preview mode. Manually available for download and flash only. The Beta release of Android 11 will be available in May last week. Talking about the Final stable release, it will be in Quarter 3 after June 2020.

Features of Android 11 Developer Preview 1

The first Developer Preview of Android 11 brings many amazing features with prioritizing the user’s privacy. Also new features for 5G experiences, New Screen types (Foldable Displays), People and Conversations, Privacy and security, Update and compatibility of Apps, Connectivity and camera improvements.

Bubbles for Conversations– Like the facebook chat Bubbles feature, the Android 11 also brings this for the SMS Apps. This Bubble feature will let’s you enagage in chats anywhere from the floating Bubble from the screen. It will great to see if it is available for the third party Apps like WhatsApp and Telegrams.

New Notification Shades– Seems like with Android 11 the conversations get easier. Along with Bubbles, there is a section for conversation in the notification shade. The main idea is when you receive any message it groups your messages under one shade to easily reply to them. You can also paste images in the notifications replies from the conversation shades.

App Permissions– With prioritizing the user security, the Android 11 also has better Apps permissions. Permissions like access to MIcrophones, Camera and Location. Users can now grant permissions for Only one time or While Using the App or Deny the permission. The permissions granted to one App for three times or more will be saved as default permissions.

App Permissions

Screen Recording– Screen recording in Android 11 with a new UI as seen in the developer preview. Well, in the Developer preview it only records the screen not the audio from Microphone. But hope in the Stable relaese of Android 11 it will be there.

Extended Screenshot– The Developer preview of Android 11 has feature to capture the scrolling screenshot. This feature is not enabledd by default, also not fully functional. You can enable this feature by enabling the Developer mode in Pixel phones after installing Android 11.

Release Date : Android 11

The Android 11 Developer Preview 1 release also adds features like Google Play system Updates, Better Biometrics Security, New APIs to manage Pinhole and Waterfall Screens including the Edges. The Android 11 release date is not so near but these are not only the features it will come up with. Android Developer Blog also details about the APIs for the developers. Stay tuned for the Google I/O May, it will bring a lot of features and improvements with the second and third developer preview.

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