Bphon: First Foldable phone in INDIA

Bphon The first foldable phone with Black OS

Beebom is one of the leading consumer technology websites aimed at helping people understand and use technology in a better way. Beebom has launched Bphon ( India’s first cheapest foldable phone)  on 31st March 2019 in a live event.

Bphon comes with a Gorgeous Display of  8.2″ display. It has overlocked 3.0 GHz 885 16 GB RAM, 120 W supercharger which can charge the device in 10 minutes from 0 to 100%.

 It is the first phone that comes with 5G ready along with Mi phones.

Specification :   

1.12MP f/1.4 Primary sensor with the wide  f/1.4 apertures, this lens lets you capture the scene with the perfect amount of light, details, and colors.

2.  16MP f/2.0 Ultra-wide Angle Sensor
3. 12MP f/2.0 Telephoto/Periscope Sensor

 Now comes the amazing one that is Bhon comes with Black OS works on Android 10 Queen PuddingThe Black OS lets you have everything accessible with no Ads.

Unfolded: 8.2” Fusion AMOLED (3840×3904 pixels) | Folded: 6.5” Fusion AMOLED (1920×3904 pixels)
7.7 oz. (230 grams)
Overclocked 3.0GHz 855 with 5G Modem. Elite Gaming.
1 TB Storage
 10,000mah , 120w supercharging
Black OS with (7 years of updates)
You can pre-book the phone from Bphon

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