Chrome gets new UI and privacy updates

Chrome latest version, Chrome 76 gets new UI changes and some privacy updates.

  • Dark-mode in Websites
  • Install-button in Omnibox
  • prevention of mini-info bar from appearing on PWA
  • frequent updates of Webpack as manifest.json

In Chrome 76 Omnibox will now show an install button for every PWA websites so as to makes easier for a user to install Desktop Progressive Web Apps. Your Site must meet the installable criteria of PWA in order to get the install prompts for your site. On user clicks install prompts, it will call prompt() event; showing a dialog box to install PWA.

Faster Updates to WebApks

When Progressive Web App gets installed on Android, it checks manifest.json so as to update the changes done by the user as a change in an icon, background-color, splash screen and many more.

Add to Home Screen Prompt

In Chrome 76 the manifest will gets checked and updated on every day or at least three days. In case of update of any properties, chrome will request and install the updated WebAPK.

Dark Mode In Websites

We want dark mode everywhere as it feels good with dark UI. The media query in Chrome 76 now adjust the site look and feel according to your OS i.e it matches the OS theme and the user’s preferred mode featuring new UI improvements.

Prevent tracking in Incognito mode

In our daily work life, we usually work on the incognito mode of chrome. Some of the websites monitor the user’s events using FileSystemAPI.Chrome 76 will now prevent these trackings in incognito mode of chrome and secure your privacy.

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