Chrome 82 adds a Picture-in-Picture button in Media Hub

Google added Media Hub controls on Chrome 79 in January this year. Chrome Media Hub lets you control the media playback with buttons such as next, prev also Play, Pause. In Chrome 82 Google has added Picture-in-Picture button, it shows the current media cover image. While playing any video or audio on webpage you can see a symbol at top right corner of Chome. The icon gets automatically hides if there is no any media action.

The Picture-in-Picture button allows you to watch videos in the Pip window. The picture-in-picture button is just right to the next button in Chrome Media Hub. This feature is only available to Google Canaryv82.0.4075, and soon will be live to Stable version of Chrome. Chrome Media Hub allows easily to switch between tabs while Playing any media.

As you can see in the above video the PIP Button in Media hub of chrome. This video is recorded by some_random_user at XDADevelopers. Google has not announced any official release date for this yet. However, we assume the feature to be soon in Upcoming Chrome 82 Update in April 2020. Stay tuned we will upadte the article when the Chrome Picture-in-Picture is live in Google Chome.

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