Corona Kavach App Available For Download On Play Store

Corona Kavach App is bought by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Government of India. The App is available to download from Google Play Store. The App is firstly launched in the beta version, now its available in the stable version.

Corona Kavach App

Corona Kavach App is App launched by the Indian Government Agency to keep people updated about all the cases related to COVID-19. It also alerts the user when the user goes near to other COVID-19 infected.
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Download Corona Kavach App

Countries affected by Coronavirus like Singapore and China are already using this type of app. Google also launched a dedicated website for Coronavirus, this website give you information about global COVID-19 cases. There is also a WhatsApp chatbot that communicates by users and provides related Faqs to COVID-19.

The App will keep updated all the cases in India’s concern to COVID-19. The app will let you know the location in which COVID-19 affected people are more. The Government ensures your location data safety, data will only be shared for potential use.

How Corona Kavach App Works?

Corona Kavach App uses the location data of the Phone detects where the user is moving. It alerts via a notification when you get near any other COVID-19 infected. On the home screen, the App show data of Active cases, Cured Cases, Death Cases, and Passenger Screened at Airport. There are different colors in Corona Kavach with their meaning as Green(All Good), Mustard(See a Doctor), Yellow(Quarantine) and Red(Infected). You will see this color when you install and register to App.

The App has also two options that monitor your health status as ” Start Breathing Exercise” and “Questionnaire”.

In the Questionnaire, you have to respond to different questions and click on submit then Corona Kavach Icon. On submit, Corona Kavach App analyzes your answer and gives you a report. The App is only available on Google Play Store for download.

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