Android Q Beta File Manager, you should know about

Google has introduced the latest version Android Q beta version for all constituent devices earlier on and it brings various cool options in a row, as well as straight forward Wi-Fi sharing, native screen recording, and a sneaky system-wide dark mode.

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You must’ve already examined the new material themed file manager in  Android Q. The new app appearance cleaner and reliable, however additionally includes a handy feature that you may not have detected. The native File Manager in  Android Q is that the default app for sharing or uploading files and currently introduces a choice to preview files before you attach them to an email, forward to WhatsApp contacts, or transfer to Google Drive. As seen within the image below, you’ll currently face the ‘expand’ icon next to file names to preview them and ensure the file before causing them over to somebody.

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The preview feature within the file manager works not just for pictures and videos via the in-built viewer (can switch to third-party apps too), however, you’re liberated to see PDF files, audio files, and alternative file varieties before you share them also. File varieties that square measure unsupported like nothing or APK show an ‘unable to preview file’ banner.
The new File Manager app on  Android Q has been very improved, each in terms of appearance and practicality, as compared to the files app on previous android versions. you’ll currently filter files on the premise of its varieties from the highest bar itself and it’s a dark mode too. So, it’s a well-rounded nice app that’s in line with the refinements introduced with  Android version.

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