Google Site Kit for WordPress Plugin Here What it Offers

WordPress has billion of users worldwide.It has plugin architecture and mostly used for blogging and also for other web content .

g site kit wordpress

G Site kit plugin

Google Site Kit for WordPress Plugin Here What it Offers : WordPress users have to navigate to diffrent tabs for submitting their website to Google or they have to install diffrent plugin for that .

G-Site Kit is a WordPress Plugin by Google currently in a beta testing it offers all the services in one dashboard of WordPress.

It works on Google Cloud services and requires the API keys from the projects to acess the data.

After submitting the API keys it will automatically connect to the services of Dashboard.

You have sign-in to Your Google account and accepts the terms & Conditions in order to get the API keys .

G-Site Kit have services as

  • Google Analytics

Shows how users navigate across your site and of they complete the goals you have set for Conversions.

  • PageSpeed Insights

Give you the result of how your pages performcompared to other real-world sites.Improve performance with tips from PageSpeed Insights.

  • Search Console

Understand how Google’s system discover and render your pages. Track how many people saw your site in Search results,and for what queries.

  • Google Adsense

Keep track of how much your site is earning you.Or if you haven’t yet, make your good content work for you by setting up an Adsense account.

G Site kit , Google Adsense
Google Adsense

The stable release expected to have Google optimize and Google tag manager also.

Steps to add the G-Site Kit to your WordPress

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on Add new plugin
  • Upload the downloaded zip File of G Site kit
  • Click install

Now go to G Site Kit Dashboard to connect your website easily to the services.

Google analytics

Create a account ,then create a property and add your website .Your tracking code is automatically get connected to your website .

G Site kit Google analytics
Google Analytics

After this you will able to see the analytics in the dashboard view.

Google search console

Search console index your website posts and links on Google .You have to submit sitemap of your site .

From Google site kit you can easily link your website as a property on Google search console.

Don’t forget to add your Google Analytics to your Google Search console .

You can do it by go to the property settings in your Google Analytics account .

PageSpeed Insights

Page speed insights gives report of your website performance on Mobile and Desktop .

This get simply activated for your site .

It shows how your website is performing on Desktop and Mobile .

Read more Page speed insights

Google Adsense

Google Adsense monetize your website to show ads & you will get some revenue on users clicks .

In order to enable monetization of your website you have to add your website to Google Adsense .

G Site kit redirects you to Google adsense and automatically verifies your ownership for website .

You don’t have to add any verification code in header of your website.

After Activating this plugin you will able to see the Google analytics , Google Adsense ,Search Console report and page speed insights of website at one place .

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