Earn Rare Tickets in Go India Upcoming Events 2020

Google Pay-Go India Game is live in the app. By traveling all the thirty cities in the game you can win up to Rs. 101 to Rs. 501. To Travel the cities in the app, you have to collect City tickets and Kilometers. In this post, I have added the tricks about getting rare tickets from upcoming events in the Go India Game quiz and others. The Go India event has to end last month but the company has extended the date to 25 December.

Method to Earn Rare tickets in Go India Game

  • Merchant QR Code Scan & Pay: Pay the minimum amount of Rs. 101 to any shop or merchant using G-Pay UPI by Scanning QR code.
  • Recharge Method: If you have not done any recharge during the event then you can earn a cashback of Rs. 10 to Rs. 200 Cashback on two recharges in G-Pay. The minimum amount of recharge is Rs. 10.
  • Gold Method: In G-Pay you can purchase gold for any amount. The Go-India game offers you to purchase a minimum of Rs.100 gold to earn tickets. After purchase, you can sell the gold and the amount will be credited back to your account.
  • In-app Method: Every time you log in to the game, you will find a suggestion to earn tickets. Try to follow it, as you can do DTH recharges, mobile recharges, or shop for any play store coupons of Rs. 100. These all can get you rare tickets like Bastar, Puri, Gangtok, Kaziranga, Nainital, and others.

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G-Pay Go India Upcoming Events 2020

In Go-India the company always offering some events by the name of cities. Earlier, there is G-Pay Go India Nainital Event, G-Pay Go India Hyderabad Event, G-Pay Go India Chennai Event, and more. In these events, you have to answer 5 questions to Win money, rare tickets, and Kilometers.

We will update here the details and quiz answers of the Go India upcoming event this month.

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