Google Meet, Google Classroom, Google Meet and Classroom new features, Google Meet Blur Backgrounds

Google meet is an online video conferencing portal. The product is helping students and teachers also to employees to work in lockdown. The tech giant is improving its products to meet global demand and compete with rivals like Zoom. Google is adding a series of features to Meet and Classroom for educational meetings.

We will take you with a quick summary of what’s new features are coming in Google Meet and Classroom.

Google Meet new Meeting Features

The upcoming features in Google meet is giving more control to host so as to control the virtual meets. The features will be roll out in end of September by server-side and also to Google Meet App. Out of all features one will be roll-out end of this month.

  • The host can prohibit participants from joining the meeting after ejected twice.
  • The meeting will be the auto end for all participants when it finished.
  • The host can perform an action to the participants joining requests in bulk.
  • Also, in-meeting chats can be disabled. Also, restrictions on joining meetings.
  • The meeting will be locked until the host joins.

Google Meet interactive features

The look and feel are important in every app and website. So as Google is bringing a clean grid view of 7 by 7. The grid view can let the host see up to 49 participants at a time. The must feature for teachers and presenters, Whiteboard with Jamboard to interact with participants. The feature is launching in September.

Microsoft Teams and Zoom have already virtual background for participants and host. Google meet is also getting custom blur backgrounds, the host can disable the option for participants.

During virtual class the teachers have to take attendance, this is done by preparing an excel sheet or by using Chrome extension. Now, the Google Meet is getting the feature to track the students log in. The feature is for Google Enterprise Education, currently its free for the schools and institutions. Teachers can now split and create groups of participants for discussions.

With all upcoming features in Google Meet, Hand raising and Q&A for students to be also added at end of this year. In Q&A teachers can create polls in-meeting to interact with students. Also, the feature will provide a way to ask question without interupting the meet.

The above are all the upcoming features in Google Meet. Now, lets see what’s upcoming in Google Classroom

Google Classroom Upcoming features

To-Do Widget: The Google Classroom will gets a To-Do widget. The section will help teachers and students to keep track of their work. Students will never miss their homework using the widgets. The widgets will have five sections as No due date, This Week, Last Week, Earlier and More.

Sharing of invites link is getting easy: Earlier to share the link of meeting you have to go on meeting dashboard. Now, the host can share the invite links using messenger like WhatsApp.

Plagiarism and Citations: In the submission of assessments online and check the plag is really tough for teachers. Now, to check the assessment with better transparency, the Google Classroom is getting features of Plagiarism and Citations. The educators can now get information about passages that need citations and also identify original submission. The plag will be potentially be checked in between students at institutes.

Additional Language Support: The students and teachers can now open documents in different languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Indonesian, and Italian. The document’s originality can also be checked in Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. In the upcoming updates later this year the Google Classroom is getting more language support including English.


Among all the features of Google Meet, the Q&A is very unique and it will make educators easy to deliver questions. Also, the Hand raising feature like Zoom is also impressive. The Google Meet and Classroom new features are for specific for education. Google recently adds Education mode in Google Lens. The new feature in the Google lens makes it easy to solve math equations. The features will be rolled out later this year.

What’s your feedback on these features. Share your thoughts in Comment below.