Google meet new features Custom Backgrounds and more

In this pandemic every classes and event are online. People are using video conferencing platform as Google Meet, Zoom, JioMeet, Cisco Webex, and others. Among all of the platforms, Zoom is most used for meetings and calls. Video calling platforms are always improving and adding features to it for a better user experience. This month Google Meet also released new features for users, features include Custom roles in the group, custom backgrounds, new tile layouts, and more.

Custom Background

Google Meet has already changed the grid view layout for the people in calls. Also, the maximum people in the calls grid layout are increased to a 7×7 view. Earlier the Background Blur feature is released for some of the users. The feature lets the users change their background to blur view from the settings.

In the latest release, Google meet rolled out the custom background with a blur background option. There are at least 10 custom backgrounds available to use.

Accept Join request in Bulk

Google Meet New Features
img src: Google Blog

Now, the admin or host of a video meet call can accept the join request in one click. After clicking on accept all, people with join request gets approval for the meet. The features have started to roll out and will completely do in 15 days.

Q&A in Chat

Google Meet also adds Q&A, polls to Google education suit. The feature is also rolled out to a personal Google account. Now, as an organizer, you can create a poll or any Q&A session in the chat section during the video call.

Virtual Hand Raise in Meetings

New google meet feature is started rolling out with above. The new feature lets the participants to hand raise virtually as in zoom.

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