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Google Cancels its Legendary April Fool’s Prank

Google Skips April Fool's Prank This year

April Fool’s day is near the most annoying infamous digital tradition. Every year Google also be a part of it by numerous pranks, but this year Google skips legendary April Fool’s Prank. Google is skipping because of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Business Insider obtained an e-mail that clearly states the reason. “Under normal circumstances, April Fool’s is a Google tradition and a time to celebrate what makes us an unconventional company. This year, we’re going to take the year off from that tradition out of respect for all those fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Our highest goal right now is to be helpful to people, so let’s save the jokes for next April, which will undoubtedly be a whole lot brighter than this one”. Wrote by Lorraine Twohill Google’s Head of Marketing.

She also added, “We’ve already stopped any centralized April Fool’s efforts but realize there may be smaller projects within teams that we don’t know about. Please suss out those efforts and make sure your teams pause on any jokes they may have planned — internally or externally”.

Google meants this April Fool’s Prank will be indeed appluadbale, so the joke is save for the next year. The tech Gaint takes number os steps to reduce the impact of Global pandemic. Google also launched a dedicated Coronavirus Website to deal with pandemic last week.

The Coronavirus global outbreak causes the cancels of many big tech events. Events cancel due to COVID-19 Pandemic also includes Google I/O 2020 offline and online event. Now, in the next year, we will see Google April Fool’s Prank.


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