Huawei new trademark registered : Hongmeng Os

Huawei , after completely ban in US market and from  using the Google services .
The market suffered a lot ,but it’s always have a Plan B .Huawei tries to grow without android and microsoft well is not pretty .

Huawei Hongmeng Os (operating system)
Huawei Hongmeng Os

Yesterday Huawei registered his trademark ” Hongmeng Os ” an Huawei Operating System .
According to the developers team of huawei the OS has been already tested in some part of China .
Hongmeng Os may comes to worldwide market in 2020.

Huawei phones in UK may comes with 5G services as Britain is set to launch.Hongmeng Os  may comes with very different options than android but it’s seems to be interesting whether it will rules the market or get dumped ?

With lossing services of Google and Microsoft,  Huawei phones will not comes with sd card in future.Thats all about Huawei new trademark registered : Hongmeng Os