Instagram is testing features like Love Animations and Nicknames

Instagram is testing direct messaging last month for the web version. The direct messaging on the web version of Instagram may come in the future. Here, is another leak by WABetaInfo about the Nicknames and Love Animations features on Instagram. There are no Nicknames and Love Animation feature is there on Instagram. If you are a beta tester of the Instagram app, you will be the first one to have this feature in beta release.

Instagram is testing a new features that allows you to add a Nicknames for your contacts. The option is in under development phase, once released it will be in contact info screen. Nicknames you choose for contact will only visible to you and will replace the username in the Chat list. You can again search that contact by Nickname.

We often take images in Instagram camera section and discrad it. Later on we want that image, So here is the new under development feature Recent. Any Photo or video captured by Instagram Camera will be in Recent section for 7 Days. After seven days it will be automatically deleted, in order to be used, it can be saved to your device, edited or deleted.

In the direct messaging we send a photo or video, Instagram is testing the love animation. When you like any Photo or video in direct, you will see love animation on the screen.

Instagram features like Love Animations, Nicknames and direct messaging will be first released for the beta user. To experience these features first be a beta tester of Instagram and stay tuned for the Beta release.

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