How to make your own WhatsApp Stickers on Android

Creating personalized stickers on WhatsApp is a native WhatsApp feature. Many messenger apps as Telegram and WeChat have these features. WhatsApp stickers were made popular after the release of this feature, especially in the festival season. You can make your own WhatsApp Stickers by using third-party tools available on the Play Store. The most searched query on google this month is Top Christmas theme Stickers on Play Store. Stickers are also available to be used in regional languages. As a developer, you can easily make and add stickers. WhatsApp provides sample apps and code for both Android and iOS. Creating stickers from the sample app requires minimal coding experience.

Make Your Own WhatsApp Stickers on Android

Download Sticker Maker app

Go to Play Store and Download Sticker Maker from Play Store.Make your own Whatsapp stickers

Select name for your pack

select name for your pack, you can create up to 30 stickers per pack. Once you save the pack to WhatsApp you can’t edit the pack. To add more sticker you have to create a new sticker pack.
Make your own Whatsapp stickers

Add the Stickers to the pack

Select photos from your Phone’s gallery and crop the part for the stickers.
Make your own Whatsapp stickers

Publish Your Sticker Pack

After creating stickers and adding them to the pack. Publish the pack you will get a pop-up for successfully published the pack.Make your own Whatsapp stickers

Send the stickers to your contacts

Go to WhatsApp, Open Keyboard in a chat > Stickers section to navigate to MyStickers pack and select stickers to send.

Make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp, to add stickers to WhatsApp. There are many third-party apps similar to the “Sticker Maker” but I recommend it because of its highest rating and providing easy interface. I personally love to use this app to create stickers to share with my contacts.

Now, WhatsApp has added support of animated stickers in app and web version. The stickers you add on your WhatsApp mobile version will also be avaialble on the web version. The another most downloaded app you can use is Stickerly. It has the a larger number of premade stickers in all the categories.

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