Microsoft gets exclusive license to use GPT-3 in Azure Products

OpenAI GPT-3 language model is the biggest language model. Microsoft has already signed multiple deals with OpenAI. Now, the company has offered excluisve commercial license to Microsoft to use GPT-3 model in Azure Products.

The CTO of Microsoft writes in a blog post that, “teaming up with OpenAI to exclusively license GPT-3, allowing us to leverage its technical innovations to develop and deliver advanced AI solutions for our customers, as well as create new solutions that harness the amazing power of advanced natural language generation”.

Microsoft Team up with OpenAI gets commercial license to language model GPT-3

The tech giant is planning to expand its Azure-powered AI platform with OpenAI. With an exclusive license, Microsoft wants to add human creativity and ingenuity in writing and composition. The Company will use OpenAI language model in commercial products like Office, Windows, and Microsoft Teams.

It will great to see when Microsoft will start offering GPT-3 powered products. We have already seen the generated text from the GPT-3 language model.

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