This Microsoft Tool Sketch2Code Converts Your Sketch into HTML Code

If you are a UI developer, you know the struggle behind writing code for every small part. Microsft AI gives the solution by Azure Cognitive Services, which lets you convert your Poor sketches into HTML Code. The generated HTML Code is actually a prototype of your Sketches. The Tool name is “Sketch2Code”, which uses Microsoft AI Services.

Microsft AI School also offers a free tutorial to learn the process of Azure Custom Vision. The application is capable to transforming a handwritten user interface into valid HTML markup. Sketch2Lab Module in AI School requires intermediate level of learner. There is total 6 steps to develop this type of application.

You can browse many projects realted to Sketch2Code in Microsoft AI.

Microsoft Math will help you to solve maths equations by capture the problem image. It uses Optical Character Recognition to extract a math equation from an image.

Microsost Math
Microsoft Math

Pix2Story lets you create a story by uploading any image captured by you. It creates a story by Snip using Natural Language Processing.


Snip Insights helps users to find intelligent insights from a snip or image. It converts the image in translated text and does the task as tagging context in the image.

Snip Insights
Snip Insights

Out of all these only Microsoft Math is available on Play store for free. I have tried this app and its awesome. To use other Microsoft tool as Sketch2Code, Pix2Story and SnipInsights you have to visit the Microsoft Azure Website. Let me know if you find these tools useful.

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