Download Microsoft Edge Chromium For Windows and Mac

Microsoft finally releases a chromium-based edge browser, Microsoft Edge Chromium. The Edge Browser is built on the Google Chromium open-source project. Before the official launch of the stable version, a beta version is available. Edge for Windows and Mac has been designed with a similar edge like interface.

The Edge Chromium browser also has a feature to add third-party extensions. The extensions can be added from the Microsoft store or from the Chrome web store. The browser is available on the android and ios devices for download. You can also import your favorites from Chrome.

Microsoft Edge Chromium also comes with settings and passwords sync feature with your sign-in accounts. History sync is still missing in the stable version. This feature is not available in the Microsoft Edge browser. The browser also prevents tracking in the browser. It has built-in search capabilities with Bing with a new wave-style logo. Compatibility is the factor, that’s why Microsoft choose Chromium in First Place.

Webpage: Edge Chromium

The reason why you should switch to Microsoft Edge Chromium? It is fast than Microsoft Edge with added anti-tracking features, Collections, and support for 4K resolution in Netflix with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

I have been always a great fan of Microsoft products. The Microsoft Chromium Browser(Download) is working very well and performed without any lag. It also opens fast as compared to Google Chrome, opens one Window in one click(Chrome users can understand better). So are you excited to try out the Edge Browser? let us know in the comments.