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Microsoft released its new integrated Office application for android and iOS. The new applications combine Word, Excel, PowerPoint into a single unified application. Last month Mircosoft released Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser to compete against the browsers in the market. The browser is compatible with Windows and Mac. In the new app, you can create content and do tasks on mobile. Microsoft Office App is used by most of the users worldwide, because of its features and brand trust.

In new office app, comes with new features as Sign PDFs from photos or Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. Office App also provides synchronization between your Phone and computer. With new Office App, files can be easily shared with nearby mobile devices.

Whats new in New Microsoft Office Application

New Microsoft Office combines all the most used office apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one.
Lens technology is with more feature now, converting images to PDFs , Scanning PDFS, Capturing Whiteboards with automatic enahnacements.
Features like QR code scanner to quck add notes, signing PDFs and share files with nearby mobile devices.Microsoft New Office App

What’s New in New Microsoft Office Application

The new lens technology in the Office app comes with feature like converting images into PDFs, Scanning PDFs, Signing the PDFs and other documentss.This also auto enhance the captured images automatically to make content easier to read.

While working on the phone, we often have to make quick notes. For that, we have the option to add quick notes in the New Office Application with a QR Code scanner. Microsoft is also adding third-party cloud support like GDrive and iCloud with its One Drive as an option.

Microsoft Office app offers a lot of templates to quickly create documents like a resume, cover letter, and others. There are upcoming features in New Microsoft Office App with mobile-focused planned. Word Dictation is the feature that will be used to convert your inputted voice into text. The word dication has also a command for adding punctuation like a comma, full stop, and question mark.

The Excel in the Microsoft Office App has a new card view. The card view makes editing of the excel sheet on the mobile screen easier. Also with the help of lens, you can convert the table image into an excel sheet. The PowerPoint also has a new outline feature, which makes it easier to write a presentation. PowerPoint Designer automatically converts your slides into best-suited slides with proper styling and formatting.

The New Microsoft Office Application is available to download for Android and iOS platforms. Office App does not require any sign-in, However, if you want to store your files on the cloud you have to sign in with a Microsoft account. The new app needs less than 100MB of storage on your device. Office App also has a great interactive color UI with shadow and card layouts. I love the User Interface of the new Office App, do you like it, let me know in comments below.

Download for Android | Download from iOS

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