Now Copy Handwritten Notes With Google Lens to your Computer

In a recent update, Google lens has got a useful feature. This feature lets you copy and paste your handwritten notes from your Text Book, Phone to your computer. Well, this feature only works if your handwriting is recognizable to Google Lens.

The update is rolled out on the latest version of Google Lens on both Android and iOS. To use this feature make sure you have updated Google Chrome v81 and Google lens app. Also both devices need to be login with same Google account for the sync.

You will find a text button in Google lens, click on it to scan the text. Then, open Google docs to your computer and Paste it. Also, both devices need to be connected to the internet. Google is also adding a feature that helps you to pronounce words. You can scan any language from the lens to translate it and practice words from the text by tap the Listen button.

I have tested this feature at my end, this works fine but we get some typos due to handwriting. In this lockdown, people are working from home, I think this feature will help a lot. In what ways this feature helps you? Tell us in the comment below.

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